Our capability to work special materials as hard metal, special steel and also steel with a high content of chrome, make P.C.M. different from other company of the same field.
Thanks to the vast experience of its technicians and also with the help of advanced machinery, can the company manufacture high quality moulds.
High know-how, availability, and capability to resolve moulds problems, are the best peculiarity of the Company.
Main clients
P.C.M. is the main supplier of many Italian and stranger company of the field.
Trough these company, sintered products are used in many fields such as: mechanical field, machines field, and domestic appliance field.
The companyís story
Since it was founded P.C.M took care always about professionalism of human resource, technological level of its machines, quality development level of its professional services, engagement and attention for reaching customerís satisfaction.
The company policy to place oneself at the clientís service became a great choice and thanks to this P.C.M. could grow in machines and also in staff.
In 1995 the company changed place and went into a bigger shed where it could have a bigger fleet of machines.
The company future skill is the UNI-EN ISO 9000 condition, thatís why the company decided to adopt this kind of quality certificate, so that it can guarantee a high standard of the product and of the service. 
Factory production
At the moment the production activity is localised in a shed of 750mq, where places are organised for machinery movement, packing and dispatching materials.
In the shed thereís also an office area, where the managerís office, the administrativeís office and the commercialís office work.
Moreover in the shed are placed wire electro discharge machines, high speed CNC machining centre, plunge electro discharge machines, grindings, and lathesÖ
In the company work about 15 people, most of theme work in the production and on checking.